Wednesday, 23 May 2018


If You're Considering installing solid hardwood Floors in your home there are a Couple of considerations That You must Remember before installation:
In some instances it Might Not Be advisable to fit solid hardwood floors in areas such as:


Hardwood flooring can be set up in certain conservatories, but tests have to be made prior to installation that the difference in temperatures between night and day and at different times of the year will not have an adverse effect on the structure of this floor covering. Solid Hardwood flooring will expand and contract in various temperature and humidity conditions, we'd recommend using engineered hardwood flooring or laminate flooring.


Solid Hardwood flooring shouldn't be installed in a bathroom due to the damp atmosphere. If water penetrates the wood surface that the ground may swell or even split. There are alternatives which can be utilised in these kinds of rooms that still provide you exactly the same visual effect of pure wood such as engineered hardwood floors.

Near heat sources

If you have underfloor heating you need to use a sort of wooden flooring which is compatible with the anticipated shift in temperature. Engineered hardwood floors is commonly more stable than solid hardwood floors in most situations. If you are installing solid hardwood floors over heating pipes or adjacent to other heat sources you should also remember that the fluctuations in heat may have an effect on the dimensional stability of the floor substrate.

If you are unsure it is well worth asking our hardwood floor sanding experts.

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